The Sparkhouse Bowl – Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in Our Own Made Up Categories

Advertisers spent a record $377 million on air time alone for Super Bowl ads this year, averaging $5 million for a 30 second spot. With that much skin in the game, there were some great spots. Here are our favorite Super Bowl commercials in our own made up categories:

Best Performance by an Animal

Heinz – Weiner Stampede

Can’t. Stop. Watching. Such. Cute. Puppies. Just don’t think about what happens next.

Best Comedy

Doritos – Ultrasound

We would be safe announcing Doritos will win this for 2017 too. Doritos never disappoints in this category.

Best Celebrity Endorsement

Amazon Echo – #BaldwinBowl

Baldwin, Moreno, Schwartzman, and Elliot…how do I get an invite to that party?

Most Strategic

Death Wish Coffee/Intuit – Storm’s a-Brewin’

Intuit ran a contest to put a small business on the map with a creative Super Bowl commercial. Death Wish Coffee won with this excellently branded ad. Everybody wins.

Best Product Launch

Taco Bell – Quesalupa

With a “best kept worst kept secret” approach, Taco Bell created a ton of buzz.

Most Inspirational

Kia – Walken Closet

Expect more. Be a polka-dot sock.

Most Shareable

Mountain Dew – Puppy Monkey Baby

They combined everything shareable about Super Bowl ads into one.

Best Pop Culture Reference

Drake – Restricted Bling

A little late to Hotline Bling wave, but we’re still counting it.

Best Super Bowl Commercial that isn’t Actually a Super Bowl Commercial

NFL – Super Bowl Babies Choir

Is that stat for real? We believe it! I guess there’s a brightside to my team not winning this year.

Our Very Favorite

Audi – Commander

Just beautiful. And the Bowie soundtrack? Yes.


Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did! Any category nominations from the audience?


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